taking off

I have been making some fabulous wardrobe choices lately. Today’s ensemble featured grey girlie-fit knee-length dress … pants? shorts? fastened by a black belt with hot pink stars. the belt is nice, but i don’t like to tuck in shirts, so it remained hidden for the most part.

My upper half barely concealed by a black tanktop/undershirt dealy with a black/pink bra ever so slightly revealed. Over this delectable dessert I wore a short sleeve, white button down shirt with a white-on-white stripe pattern. The top button is strategically located for maximum “effect”.

I was comfy in my black reefs. But honestly. Clothes that look this good can only be good for one thing.


And that I will do very soon. 😉 Oh my. The ins-and-outs (hmm) of dressing up my goods and services. How’s that for a name. Top shelf GOODS, and the best low maintenance SERVICES in town. hehehe.

I think I’ll call her RAVIE, short for RAVENOUS because that’s what she’s been an awful lot lately. And no one with whom to share. What a pity. At least I’m on the market 😉 and not just waiting for pleasant company to magically appear.

I was telling Kris earlier. That when I get my own place. It’s going to be stylish… yet functional. Oh such thrilling social functions shall I host in such an inviting space that I am sure to create! I’ll be such a welcoming hostess! Never an empty glass… never an empty lap. Er… lap? Yep, that’s what I said. And you’re all invited to come check out the top SHELVING, and the low level SEATING.

Oh dear. Such scandalous blog content can only be the result of late hours and two Tylenol PMs. Which are now kicking in, thank the Jesus! Goodnight, sweet dreams, don’t wake me.


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