two steps forward, one step back

I read an article today about an Egyptian woman, Heba Kotb, educates Muslims about sex through a television programme. She’s highly educated – a professor of forensic medicine, and studied sexology at a private university in Florida. It’s good that someone’s talking about sex in a culture that has so many screwed up ideas about gender, sex and sexuality. But her advice is loosely based on the Q’uran.

“She takes a strict Islamic line on homosexuality — she calls it a disease.”

Sexuality cannot be extracted from spirituality. Any sexually active person can attest to the spiritual connection between people who engage in intercourse. But religion has been the biggest enemy of healthy sex for centuries!

Mona Helmi protests: “Sex is an emotional and human condition, not a religious or identity issue.”

But I do agree with her on one thing – “Many women know nothing about their bodies, not to mention sex, and they were raised to believe sex is for men and a dirty thing.”

Women like me know what it is like to wrest information from practicers of medicine. We have travailed in search of competent medical professionals who will explain treatment and anatomy, and who strive to make their patients into people who are informed, confident and self-aware.

It’s good that she’s talking about sex, even through a foggy lens.
It’s progress, whether or not we agree with her about everything.


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