Boi/Grrl Party

We’re still talking. Still feeling out the situation.

The more she tells me about herself, her motivations, her life, the more I think I like her company. We definitely do joke around a lot and the flattery hasn’t stopped. But tonight we got to talk a little more about some real life stuff. I really appreciate her heart. This is turning out to be very classic “don’t judge a book by it’s MySpace” because I didn’t even give her a second glance until on a whim I decided to say “hey” to her Mobile AIM.

Y’know. I talk a lot of trash about sex. It’s all over my blog, it’s all over my flirtatious smirk. But I’m still so green, so new to everything. Not just with girls but with the fellas too. I’m still learning how to safely calculate risk. My *gem* heart loves adventure and flying off the handle into puddles of confetti and rainbow sprinkles. But at the same time, I do not tolerate mistreatment or manipulation of any kind. How can I predict who she really is until I meet her? hym.

these are the coarse oceans of desire and truth that i navigate through storms and sunny days. and tonight’s a full moon…

touching on politics: Gendering – Butch and Femme

…”inherent to butch-femme relationships was the presumption that the butch is the physically active partner and the leader in lovemaking….Yet unlike the dynamics of many heterosexual relationships, the butch’s foremost objective was to give sexual pleasure to a femme…
πŸ™‚ That part is my favorite!


5 thoughts on “Boi/Grrl Party

  1. “these are the coarse oceans of desire and truth that i navigate through storms and sunny days. and tonight’s a full moon…”


  2. The distinction made between butch/femme and heterosexual sex is wonderful. The butches are always thinking of the ladies, the men are just thinking of themselves.

  3. Not all men! I know plenty of heterosexual couples where both parties are equally interested in the pleasure and wellbeing of their partner! πŸ˜‰ it can tend to be true…

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