I just have to say that there is a really cute butchy-girl in my Human Sexuality class. *sigh*

She’s probably like. 20. I’ve been completely avoiding her because i don’t want to act silly around her, and… it seems like maybe she’s been avoiding me, too. Could just be me.

Can I show you some sexuality? haha.

4 thoughts on “WST2600

  1. Didn’t your last entry just say something about romance beginning in Women Studies class. Too funny. I had a HUGE crush on my TA in women studies first year… we avoided each other too. I think you should go balls to the wall and ask her out!

  2. “balls to the wall”
    Where did that come from? I’ve never ever heard that before.

    Maybe I will, though. Asking isn’t something I do, normally… Do I even remember how? hmm…

  3. balls to the wall, you’ve never heard that. it’s such a good saying, it should be used often, but maybe it’s a boy/boi thing. i haven’t heard too many ladies say it.

    and my bad, totally my bad. it slipped my mind that you were femme, i am a new reader after all. you should just bat your eyes and show more leg… or whatever it is that you femmes do to melt us butches.

  4. it’s okay sweets – the bright pink mudflap girl represents the femme! yeah we have a girly smirk and a sideways glance. i have not put it to as much good use as i could, but now is a perfect time for practice!

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