raindrops on the leaves

there’s a most delicious storm
brewing outside right now

the “afternoon showers” keep on
getting earlier and earlier.

i miss reading poetry for show
i get caught up in self love
listening to the way the words
slip, whisper, jump off my tongue

words like
earlier and
earlier and
like raindrops from the leaves
the words stumble toward the ground,
leaving heaven high, preferring
the soft brown earth and greens.

kinda like my tears last night
wondering if things would ever
be okay for me, wondering when
i’ll be able to sleep close to
the one i love. wondering when
i’ll truly be able to love you

it’s thundering heavy now,
and the lightning crashes
right in my back yard,
i keep wondering when
it’s going to come through
my window to haunt me as i lie
here in the dim afternoon light
thinking of all the things
the two of us could be doing
now instead of being apart.


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