golden opportunity

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before i could even exhale that first free, full breath, the cock was out in the open. suspended. waiting. she was just watching the pot, waiting for me to heat up, waiting for me to boil over with desire. those lovely butch hands were already stroking my labia, slipping across the smooth warmth, taunting me with their touch. she let me help her out of her shirt, revealing a tight undershirt – white and saturated with familiarity. i can’t help smiling.

“i can’t help kissing you when you smile” she said, stealing a kiss out of the corner of corner of my upturned lips.

when her fingers finally found their way inside me, i moaned into her kiss. in order to muster some resistance – just to make it interesting – i was trying to say, “did i give you permission?” but she doesn’t (and didn’t) need my permission. she knew what i wanted.

tease. she caught me staring at it; she moved her hips from side to side and my eyes remained fixated on her cock. my trance didn’t waver until a semi rushed past and shook the car. realizing what i’d been doing, i was a little embarrassed, but i seized the opportunity to do some good, healthy, begging.

“oh honey, why are you being so mean to me? i want that big cock in my cunt… aren’t you gonna fuck me good? You know i can give you what you want – take me, i’m yours to spoil… c’mon and ruin me, make me a dirty girl…”

she inhaled sharply.



One thought on “golden opportunity

  1. Oh nicely worded. You’ve left me a little breathless.

    The way you break the trance in the fourth paragraph is so real, so human that I can’t help being there.


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