Gender Commentary

I needed to write tonight, but first I want to make sure and collect all of these lovely commentaries into one place so that I can get back to them should they come in handy later…

Aero Veracity: Checks and Balances

Bird on the Wire: Queer Politics

Miss Avarice:
1. A Brief Discourse on Femm-ism (See also – Quote from SB #5: femme is a version of femininity and is used not for the attraction of men but for the attraction of other women, which challenges the assumption that femininity is for men.)
2. Passing
3. Bottoming is Topping and Vice Versa

Miss Lina:
1. A Gay Shame
2. B/F Inherently Subversive

1. Active Surrender
2. Questions on Binaries
3. From the GLBTQ Dictionary
4. Further Points on Gender
5. B/F Disrup. tion of Heteronormative Paradigm
6. Care and Feeding of a Butch
7. Gender Roundup

I was thinking tonight about how one anonymous comment on a scattered post about bottoming led (through a series of events) to a number of bloggers hitting an entirely different topic. With indignation. And of course it has become one of my favorite topics. Since Kay came back into my life a few years ago and reminded me what it means to truly allow oneself to emote and express gender in the way that is most comfortable. And look at me now. A freaking Women’s Studies major. And a damn sexy one, too.



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