I turned up the hot water this afternoon, showering. The sun was blazing today, but I wanted to feel the burn right on my skin. Leaning against the wall, the tile cold on my back, I imagined a pair of strong arms shoving my hands behind my back. She was a woman with short, dark hair and blue, blue eyes – it’s always been my soft spot. She brought her right hand up and pressed my shoulder against the wall. Her left hand came around and grasped my hip, hard.

I was pinned. She pinned me against the hard tile, my hands squeezed behind me. She put her nose right up to mine. She wasn’t scowling, but there was the distinct look of intent and determination in her eyes.

“Are you ready to do what I say?” she asked. I take a deep breath and then, sigh, “Yes.” No sooner had the word escaped my breath, I felt the sting of her hand slapping my face. “Next time, don’t think so hard about it.”

Without delay, I replied “yes sir”

“That’s better.”

…….. I had to get outta the shower. I’ll finish this later. Today I went stiletto shopping with my fag, and later to the sex shop to help some friends choose their… equipment. isn’t it nice how we get to pick? But I have to say all the pink and purple and shiny stuff was really sickening. Ewww.


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