adventure girl

West End Studios and Hostel

Any objections? I don’t exactly know where I’ll be going, and no way in hell am I sharing a dormitory style room with 9 other fruitcakes. no way.

I DO know, however, that I am going to be one broke bitch.

I was thinking about just sleeping at the Newark airport on Tuesday night and setting myself a loud alarm on my phone to go off when I’m suppose to get on my flight at ass a.m.

Flight Info
Date: Friday, October 5
Departs: FLORIDA at 8:05AM
Arrives: Detroit, MI (DTW) at 10:49AM
Departs: Detroit, MI (DTW) at 12:15PM
Arrives: Newark Int’l, NJ (EWR) at 2:01PM

Date: Wednesday, October 10
Departs: Newark Int’l, NJ (EWR) at 6:42AM
Arrives: Memphis-Int’l, TN (MEM) at 8:31AM
Departs: Memphis-Int’l, TN (MEM) at 9:15AM
Arrives: FLORIDA at 12:00N

NWA canceled my 6:30 flight! UGH. This means I’m going to be getting into Newark 2 hours later than planned. *cry*


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