drunk blog

i wanted to write while i was still slightly tipswy.

am still slightly tipsy. yey! tonight was “Lesbian Invasion of the Gay Dive Bar” night!

so. questions; comments.

1) why is it so fkn hard to type when you’ve only had a little bit to drink? I swear I am such a cheap drunk. One drink and I was buzzed, two drinks and I was sufficiently tipsy and three would have been overkill. Kay remembers what happened last time I had three drinks. Oh, no, that will not be happening again. Didn’t pass out or puke, but she did lead me by the hand out of the now-defunct Suncoast resort.

I like that phrase. “now-defunct.” the resort was actually on the very eve of going “defunct” that night.

2) butches. so why is it that I don’t personally know any butches who are into femmes? I really don’t get it, like. they just go at it with each other. of course. I’m not complaining that I get to watch. That is some hot shit, right there. I swear if there were butch porn, like real live butches fucking, you would never see me in the sunlight ever again! EVER.

Image: butch #1 sitting on the edge of the pool table. butch #2 kneeling on the table behind her, and the femme. me in a black tank and skirt, my new heels. tucked between those lovely butch thighs. ugh. and i do my uuuhh.

Image: butch #1 and #2 kissing; in the foreground, the femme is trying to get their attention, she leans over and puts her ass up to them and shows such tasty cleavage. whee! of course, it doesn’t work, the two of them are too involved in smooching. I’ll have to find the shot. figure out how to anonymise it.

3) awwwwwww. pooor sweet sad, drunk butches! you know. when I see butch tears, my instinct is to hold them and kiss them and stroke their faces and arms and love on them like nothing else matters. butch #1 had a bit too much to drink and spent the better part of an hour puking. now I’m no help at all with that, but afterwards she was sittin’ on the floor with little tears just kinda leaking out her sweet sweet eyes. 😦 so i sat down on the floor with her and held her hand. When they took her out to the car, I stood next to the open window and stroked her arm and face and asked her if her tummy was better, and cooed sweet consolations to her. I wanted to tell her she was still strong, but i couldn’t imagine it coming out the way i intended it. And she’s not going to remember me in the morning, anyway.

4) Kay tried to give me hickies on my… arms? There’s nothing there, and I’m so disappointed. I still don’t even have any bruises from other her mfk’n fish tank! and at one point it was resting on MY LEG.

5) It was my first time at that particular dive bar, so I had a “virgin” shot with the drag queen, she remarked at how lively my breasts remained, lacking proper support equipment 😉 She’s the most precious, precious queen in all the land, and her first number featured a lovely, slinky seafoam gown with a rosy accents. She’s like. Legendary. The Legendary Apple Love.

(and now, to proofread my drunken ramblings)


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