NYC planned-spontaneity update

The Flight Fiasco
so guess what! not only did my first flight get canceled, but MY ENTIRE ITINERARY because the rep who entered my reservation didn’t take down my voucher number properly, and it was “unpaid”. I’m on hold right now. Ugh. This may require a supervisor. Something cosmic is preventing me from going! gah!

[update 02:13] PHEW! It has been reinstated by a supervisor. I have already gotten my seat assignments and all but one are acceptable. Bless the Lord Baby Jesus for fixing that goof-up! Yay!

The Housing Crisis
The housing is getting scarce – nearly all the inexpensive, hotels are full. All chain hotels are outrageous. Which leaves hostels. It’s seriously the difference between $250 for the week or $250 for a NIGHT. I’m a LOT freaked out by the hostels. I need a travel buddy if I’m going to sleeping in any creepy dormitories. Anybody wanna come with me? I had decided to just take the plunge and book a hotel and just be two grand in the hole. That may not be the wisest decision, however. Especially if I want to do fun things that cost money. Oh, Lord Baby Jesus, HELP ME!

There was one hostel that had doors and walls. But no ceiling. So you could hear everything on the entire floor. No power outlets in the rooms… yeah, uh NO. The a hotel I’d picked (it was $100) just skyrocketed to $201 for all five nights. Even if I camp out at the airport on Tuesday night, I will still be out $804 + 13.35% tax and like $10 a day in just-because-we-can charges.



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