stress management

I’ve had a bath with jasmine oil and I smell like walking past a jasmine bush after dark. You might have trouble seeing it in the shadow, the fragrance hits you and then wafts off and leave you wanting more. Wanting to know where it originates.

I can feel some anxiety creeping in. I can feel my furrowed brow getting cramped. I am starting to feel like my spirit is extended past the borders of my body. I can taste the saltwater in my mouth and I’m kicking my feet to stay above the surface of the water. So I procrastinated and had a bath.

I’ve had a rough day. Work today was. Unfortunate. I had a customer who put on a good show and manipulated me. And that really pisses me off. But I have to transfer that energy. They’re not mad at me. At the very centre, they’re mad at themselves. And they take it out on me.

I bought Vogue. An impulse I couldn’t resist. it’s 840 pages of ads and artsy photography. Culture to unravel. And beautiful (most of them are honestly beautiful) thin women who will never know the joy I find in the teardrop shape of my belly, it comes to a point between two fulfilled breasts. I was admiring myself naked, just now, in the new mirror I’ve inherited from family. I was smiling.


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