drunk blogging round 2 *ding*

Again. Proof that I’m a cheap drunk. I had a cosmo and a shot of goldschlager. damn i love that stuff. it’s so potent. and so pleasant.

got off work tonight hoping to catch the last of a birthday bash just-outta-town but found out from a trusted source that the party had already disbanded. so i said to myself. damnit. i work hard. and they let me off an hour early. that’s just enough time to get drunk! so i set out to go the damn bar and make some damn friends, damnit. so i did.

come to think of it. this is the same bar where i got drunk last time i drunk blogged. anyways. i went to the damn bar, got myself a damn drink, and made myself some damn friends.

Asi que… en el clúb, yo conocí a Mari, que tiene 41 años. “Soy una lesbiana” me dijo. Pero no sé si lo creo. Ella tiene tres hijas. Y nietos. Sé divorció su esposo. Yo bailé con su sobrino, y él me introduzó a Mari. haha, que feliz fue su sobrino, y amable. Ella me revelé unas fotos de su família. Yo olvidé que la cultura latina se pone mucho valor entre la institución de família (en qualquiera forma existe). Lamenté que no tuve fotos de mi propio família. Nosotras contamos nuestras historietas. Y al instante, estuvimos hermanas. Su hija mas grande estaba allí… una lesbiana también. esto es porque a mi me gusta vivir en Florida. La cultura de los latinos me encanta…

So… at the bar, I met Mari, 41 years old. “I’m a lesbian” she told me. But I don’t know if I believe that. She has three daughters. Grandchildren. She’s divorced from her husband. I danced with her nephew and he introduced me to her. hah! What a happy chap. She showed me pictures of her family. I forgot that latin culture places much value on the institution of family (in whatever form it exists). I regretted that I didn’t have pictures of my own family. We recounted our stories. Instantly, we were sisters. Her eldest daughter was there… a lesbian as well. This is why I love Florida life. The latin culture captivates me.

Ok. back to English. I was drunk when I left, but about 4 miles down the road I realized the shot of Goldschlager was just starting to hit. You have to give it about a half hour to really take its effect. I got home to a lovely box from Powell’s! You’ll recal I’ve been waiting for this for like. Over two weeks now.

Butch/Femnme: Inside Lesbian gender
Femme/Butch: New Considerations on the Way We Want to Go (this one has an article by a Women’s Studies professor at my University, whose class I will likely be taking in the Spring.

and my favorite: *drum roll*

Set in Stone: Butch-on-Butch Erotica.

I am SO. F’ckn. Excited! About this one! In fact, I’m going to make myself a butter shot (will likely consist of a swig from the irish cream bottle and a swig from the butterscotch schnapps bottle) and read me some fucken hot butch erotica. YES!

In other news, I’m performing well at work, which makes my bosses happy. And I’m again considering an occupation in the … performance arts. I think be one hot ass burlesque dancer. And damnit I should at least try before I get too old. They oughta be lining up to see my pasties! Yowza!

Ok. Very drunk. Must. Stop. Typing. agh!


2 thoughts on “drunk blogging round 2 *ding*

  1. this isn’t going to come out right…

    dearest, i wasn’t actually drunk drunk. what i meant is that i was still feeling the alcohol even though i was perfectly coherent. i’d had just enough to be very relaxed, but not enough to prevent me from deliberately focus on the quality of my driving.

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