Perhaps it’s better to say fewer words.
I’m may try that. Maybe for my new year’s resolution.
Not right now.

I can’t get my nose out of all these gender theory books and into my feminism books. I’m starting to get really behind on my readings for class because I haven’t spent every waking hour reading. That’s the only way I could really catch up.

We went through the introduction and Ch. 12 of De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex in class today. And “The Woman Identified Woman” by the Radicalesbians in 1970. The straight girls were a bit offended – it came across as if the writers though every woman should be a lesbian and that’s the only way to topple the patriarchy. Of course that isn’t true. Straight girls are our most important spies, if we could convince the overwhelming majority to fight for change instead of believing lies that say their worth and values comes from subservience and self-sacrifice. *sigh*

I think my paper for Classics in Feminist Theory is going to be about the subversive nature of queer gender. It’s all I’ve been able to think about for weeks on end, so why not study it, cook with it, conjure it up and write it out into something comprehensible that I can keep for the future. Something by which to remember my gender development. Something to commemorate my femme re-identification.

I’ve had my nose mostly in Butch/Femme: Inside Lesbian Gender, feeling completely renewed and freed by all the chatter of femininity. I’ve been lusting over the other books, and grinning ear to ear, reading Set in Stone | Butch on Butch Erotica. In addition to the eleven books I needed for my classes, I have also purchased six gender theory books. which means I have 15 books in the bed with me every night, begging for my attention. The lucky ones get it, the others must wait their turn until luck strikes.


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