not so dirty details

Essin’ Em says I’ve been keeping you waiting. I’m a bit scatter brained so I’m sorry if things have been disjointed, lacking substance. So here goes.

The first person to answer my response to their CraigsList ad was Dave, a trans-guy and sweet as can be. After a few emails we’ve settled on a date for Monday to go run around Manhattan looking for trouble. Maybe not trouble. Maybe, we’ll go to Babeland. Maybe that’ll be my day to visit the Museum of Sex! Maybe I’ll finally get to go to Zeytin. I should ask him, and then make reservations… Anyway, if we’re getting along fine, I’m hoping to work on my bottoming skills. Soliciting and maintaining desire. I’m a little concerned about the strap-on stuff. I have a sinking feeling that I’m too tight, too new for that… I know, you’re thinking what? How? A sexy bitch like you? Yeah. Good question. Ask me on g-chat sometime, I’ll tell you a long story short.

The second email I got was from a cute and adventurous butch. I looked her up on myspace. I know. I’m always sneaking up on people, looking them up on the internet and finding out who they are. It’s just what I do. Curiosity. Found her pictures, very cute. I think I’ll be bottoming again… “no expectations about whether i get on top of you, or you get under me, ok?” Fine by me! We’re meeting at some art show somewhere, after I get out of the workshop on Saturday. She’s picking the restaurant… and a club for afterwards… and hopefully it’ll be back to my overpriced hotel room. This trip is so fucking expensive, I better have some damn good sex to make up for it!

I’m hoping to get a date for Sunday evening and Tuesday.

Wanna know a secret? I’ve never been on a date before.

Yep. It’s the truth. Unless you count going to the movies with my boyfriend from 7th grade. Yeah, he’s gay, too. Classic, isn’t it?


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