big city girl

Today was fabulous.

Never mind the fact that date #2 was a no-show.
Never mind the fact that it was chilly and wet.
Never mind the fact that I made a U-turn on the
subway. I was headed for Brooklyn… woopsies!

First stop: Century 21
I’m probably never going to go there again. So not “worth fighting for” as they say. ICK! The only bag I really really wanted was a $150 Furla purse. I settled on an Andy Warhol messenger bag for Rae and a navy Kenneth Cole bag for myself.

Second Stop: H & M
My life is absolutely incomplete without H&M and there isn’t a store in Florida. Nearest one is in Virginia. Not even in Atlanta for crying out loud! I bought a new party dress for myself, and for my Gay – some cute undies and a black tie with small, subtle, silver spiders. Except I’m thinking about just giving him the undies and keeping the tie for myself.

Third Stop: Toys in Babeland
I was feeling kinda floaty here. Like, “wait, what’s that for again?” and I was wide-eyed looking at the Wall-Of-Harnesses. I bought a moose hide flogger and leather wrist cuffs. One kink adviser has suggested rope to tie the cuffs down. I’m thinking red. I’ve been pretty much in love with red lately. Who’s going to try them out? Any takers? I’m open to suggestions! *Ehem* Commands, rather.

Fourth Stop: Antique Garage
This is a very unique Mediterranean restaurant. The decor is kinda… old fashioned European-American. I’m guess like. 18th and 19th century. Real silverware, mix-and-match vintage china. I had Börek to start, and Mantı, and a glass of Angora wine. Yeah it sounds like a sweater, but it’s a very delicate white wine, perfect for an early dinner. Baklava and Turkish Coffee for dessert.

So now I’m back at my hotel prancing about in my new dress (pictures forthcoming!) and trying to pack the mess that is on my bed into my suitcase. My airport shuttle is picking me up at 3:15a. First layover is in Memphis.

Remind me to write about my constitution. Am I made of fluff or substance? Am I as fierce fearless as I always thought myself to be?


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