found OUT

Hah! Work today was so entertaining.

First, I told my cubicle-neighbor Cay that I had been at “body image” workshop over the weekend – and she said, “so, was it one of those things where you sit in a circle nude…? i saw a preogram on tv once…” I winked at her. Cay is probably in her 50’s, top heavy like me and I can always hear the subtle sarcasm in her voice when she’s talking to customers and it cracks me up. We had a disjointed conversation about how scary it must be and how brave I must have been to be able to do something like that. She said she could never do that. I beg to differ.

Secondly, since it was COD I decided to take the opportunity to come out to a former cubicle-neighbor (we’ve been playing musical cubicles lately). Dee’s going through a divorce and when she told her 17 year old daughter that they were going to moving out of their house, the daughter said, “So we’re really moving this time? Ugh, mom why couldn’t you have been gay? Then you wouldn’t have to deal with all that!” Of course we agreed that this can happen to anyone, but I said, “so… speaking of which, it’s National Coming Out Day!” — “Are you trying to tell me something?”

“I said of course I am!”
“Oh, I kinda figured. I’m bisexual, myself”

So, that’s the first person in this particular work-group that I’ve told. Not that I was trying to keep it hidden, but it was never relevant to conversation, and I thought it would be awkward to just be like, yep, I’m gay, hope ya don’t mind, folks! And omg the assistant manager in the pod next to ours is such a stud, wow, I find myself always prancing by the entrance to their part of the building hoping to catch a glimpse. 😉

Aside: I also had a terribly uncomfortable dream in which a former female instructor at my bible school was trying to hook me up with a boy. He had already made one gesture in my direction that I was completely oblivious to until she pointed it out to me. I didn’t seem to have any choice in the matter as he had already planned out his second wooing attempt. I felt like calling her and saying, look, I had this dream, and guess what today is. No, I don’t like boys, I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, no, no and most likely never!

My new flogger is hanging from the handle of my closet door, teasing me. It’s quite soft and squishy and I suspect that it’s not going to hurt much. Maybe that’ll be good for working with people I don’t know very well. Unless they knock my upside the head with the handle or something… yikes

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