new and improved

I had quality time tonight with my favorite butch couple (whose pet femme I seem to have become!) – I listened in on gay women’s choir rehearsal and then we went out for supper, dessert and drinks. Well, technically I’m the only one who drank. I had a very sweet sangria that required a pint of beer to wash down all the sugary ick. We retired to the apartment so I could meet their new (cat) babies – I’ll call them Mademoiselle (girl, French accent, bitchy) and Papito (a lover boy with a Spanish accent).

But that is not why I am writing now. I’m writing because tonight we discovered my new favorite sex toy, and one which I will need to purchase straight away.

Feather Cat Teaser

Kay’s has a little jingle bell on the feather end, too. Somehow, and I don’t remember how, I ended up getting whapped in the ass with the feather/bell end and it was a magnificent surprise that warranted squirming, and a happy groan. The bell gives a very sharp sting that goes away quickly, kinda like wasabi – hot for a second, but then it’s just savory. The feathers were great for tickling my sides and my back. I’m ticklish in all the wrong spots, though. My lower back isn’t ticklish but whenever the feathers passed over my sides, I gasped a quick “ooh!” The sting of the switch is my favorite, though.

Later, I convinced the two of them to cuff me behind my back – finally! I’ve owned the cuffs for three weeks, now! It was only for like 2.5 minutes, but it certainly put a smile on my face. They started out with some lighthearted flogging (I’m still disappointed – it doesn’t hurt!), and then went on to really smack the hell out of my ass. First with one hand, then with two at once! Ouch! They sent me home alone, all hot and bothered. Per the usual.

One of these days, man. One of these days.


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