Tipping is polite.

And not tipping is very rude.
and that was the crowd tonight.
Rude; not tipping the dancers.

What the fuck is the point of having dancers at your bar if you’re not going to remind people to tip? And for goodness sakes, that’s the FUN PART. I don’t get it, it’s not a waste of money at all. I’m supporting an artist. I’m supporting her -choice- to be sensual with her body. I felt bad that I didn’t have more money because literally no one else was tipping them at all. Tough crowd.

I’ve seen Gem before. She was present for my birthday when Kay took me out to see the ladies (I went home seeing stars of course!) While I’m not really into femmes as much, who can resist the lovely flesh on hips that are delightfully eye-level? Dark, dark brown hair, absolutely a mess. Fishnet stockings and ruffles over her bum. Hmm … and she sweats so pretty! Leaning down from the platform, this time, she said, “I wondered when you were going to come say hello!” I’d been sitting down, just kinda watching the spectacle and finally decided to commence patronage (patron: customer). Next thing out of her mouth was, “and thank you for wearing that corset!” (she had a fabulous view) followed by something to the effect of “I’m a boob girl.” I told her how I had wanted to wear just those panties from the costume party but that once I got here I kinda got stage fright. Ended up wearing a longish skirt over them.

“Aw, you should never have stage fright, you’re beautiful!”

And that, friends, is how Miss Avarice received a compliment from a sexy, feminist burlesque dancer. She said she liked my attitude. I hadn’t really said anything much except blushing and laughing when she took a dollar from between my tits with her mouth. Yow! So when Miss Avarice goes out by herself looking for trouble, apparently she gets it, partly thanks to this mysterious “attitude”.

[As an aside, this brings me back to the fact that I want to be a sensual burlesque dancer – but who’s going to tip the fat one? I want to promote and live a big girl sensuality that reclaims my right to be sexy. Because I am, damn it!]

So I guess femmes aren’t so bad. Maybe I’m being too picky. Maybe what I want is a top, not necessarily a butch top. No… even if I had a femme girlfriend, I would probably still wish I were with a masculine woman. But none of you, nor I, will know until I try, so…

Here goes nothin!


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