omg shoes

Please. For the love of God. No more shoes! I was helpless today! I tried on so many pairs of shoes – you should have seen me! I went in looking for clothes and came out with a mini-blender, two-for-the-price-of-one pillows, and three pairs of shoes! Black closed-toed pumps, red closed-toed pumps and a pair of flats. I originally went into the shoe department looking for flats, but picked up the two heels and then felt guilty for not getting what I went in for originally. So I had to get the flats too. My other heels are not very sturdy – the two pairs of satin ones. Those are for outings where I will not do much walking. These new ones are very sturdy, and with magic clear-gel-stick-on-insoles, they’ll be good to go. I really need to start wearing these shoes if I’m going to keep buying them. It’s like when I used to buy a lot of makeup and never wear it… I need a life. It’s getting dire, folks.

Hi, my name is Avarice. I have a problem. I sometimes over-do it on shoes.


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