Female Femininity Roundup

There have been discussions over the past few months about becoming femme, what femme means, and how we manifest a femme gender with our bodies. It’s been kinda scattered, so I have gathered everything I could find or remember. Please remind me of any missed pieces.

07 // Essin’ Em: Femme VS Feminine: A matter of intent.

28 // Mortar and Pestle: The Subtle Body of Desire 111
12 // Sinclair: But what is femme?: a sourceless quote
09 // Mortar and Pestle: The Subtle Body of Desire 11
08 // Mortar and Pestle: The Subtle Body of Desire 1

29 // Miss Avarice: How do I Look?
28 // Lina: Email of Confession: Discovering the Femme
17 // Miss Avarice: Shifting Gears: Queer Standards of Femininity?
12 // Lina: Femme de la Crême: Portia, the glamorous
12 // Miss Avarice Invention: Purposeful Femininity
12 // Miss Avarice More Thoughts on Becoming Femme: Rejecting femininity out of fear

31 // Sinclair: Clarifications on Top Ten Things
28 // Essin’ Em: When I try to Look Cute: Femme in varying degrees.
28 // Sincliar: Top 10 Things I ❤ About Femmes
27 // Proper Effed: Butches and Femmes and Everyone in Between: I’m not femme but people think I am.
25 // Miss Avarice: Highs and Lows: Femme in varying degrees
01 // Shannon: I Bet Shane Doesn’t Have This Problem: Femme Invisibility

28 // Miss Avarice Passing: for straight

07 // Miss Avarice: Femme-Ism: Femininity for Women

Ugh, this thing makes me look like I’m obsessed. I guess I am kinda. Lately. I don’t know why it’s such a tragic thing for me? I confess. I overthink and overanalyze everything. I got it from my Da…

Looking back through the blogs for this roundup I realized there’s a butch roundup that I would like to slap together, and some things that need to be added to the Gender Commentary Roundup as well. Ugh. This is my inner librarian rearing her ugly head. And I just typed “lesbian” when I was trying to type “librarian”. Freudian slip?


4 thoughts on “Female Femininity Roundup

  1. What a great bunch of reading for this fine Friday afternoon. The fact that I am no where to be found makes me realize that I need to write about femmes more. A lot more.

    Looking forward to the bunch round up!

  2. This is wonderful, thanks for doing it. I’ve been shy about tackling this topic more directly, but you make it so easy…thanks for that.

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