Health Summary

I’ve been meaning to make a list.

1. PCOS: Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. Weight and sugar problems (it makes you fat, and being fat keeps you fat), screwed up hormonal system (progesterone levels = post-menopausal), failed ova become cysts and block the fallopian tubes so no ova can get to the uterus (oh, fabulous). I’m taking hormonal bcp’s but I really don’t think having a period is all that important because if I don’t have progesterone in my system, I’m not growing an endometrium worth having a period over anyhow.

2. I’ve gained 15 pounds in the last year and a half after I had really slimmed down. Yeah, not happy about that. Actually, I’m pretty pissed. Part of it has to do with lack of movement, part of it is diet, all of it is related to the PCOS.

3. Lower back: I went to the chiropractor, and the news is not good. My lowest 5 discs are basically not moving and will dry up and crack on half and I will have to have surgery like my 53 year old mother. If, that is, I do not get on a regular schedule with a chiropractor down here, and get ex-rays to determine the reason for the lack of movement and get them fluid and crackly again. Yay. More money spent on health. Remember the wardrobe? Remember the desk? Remember the dresser? Remember the fish tank? I’ve really put my lower back through some hell the last few months. I also carried a 50 pound back pack around turkey for a month and a half last year. I bet that started it all.

4. Allergies. This apartment has carpet and two cats that do not tend to be well cared for. They are not mine, so it is not my responsibility, but it is affecting my breathing. I get hives from the animals sometimes too. And carpet is the worst when it comes to dust.

5. I think I have a mild phobia of the dentists and it is costing me.


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