So what kind of fragrances do you people wear out there? I always love when people smell so nice, but I never take the time out to actually wear perfumes or colognes or anything like that. I went shopping today and I was walking around with the little card stock cologne tester practically stuck to my nose – it was Chaps (don’t mind the bull horns, it’s not too cowboyish).

So, do all butches wear boy cologne? Do all femmes wear girly perfume? What does everyone in between wear?

I think I kept trying to smell that boy smell that I love so much. I was trying to smell what my Gay smells like when I hug him and put my face into his chest and breathe. But it’s not just the cologne – the other half of the combination is the “person” smell. Sweat, and skin. I’ve smelled butches in boy cologne. It keeps me wanting. When they let go, my first thought is “come back, you smell good!”

Am I weird because I memorize the way some people smell? That I like to smell bodies and attach the smell to my memory of the person? My best friend and I are celebrating 11 Christmases – 10 years. Really? Ten? Pinch me, I’m dreaming. When I hug her she smells the same way as when I met her. I mix of laundry detergent and just normal body smell – her whole family smells the same as she does. I think that’s why I love hugs so much – it’s another chance for me to catch a whiff of comfort. That reminds me, she’s at the top of my list to come out to next.

I smelled some colognes today that my dad wore. I have a several of his shirts tucked away in a drawer. I can still smell him in them after 3 years and I refuse to wash them or give them away. Like maybe if I can smell him, then maybe he’s still with me just a little bit.


2 thoughts on “memory//olfactory

  1. I wonder what I smell like when you hug me.

    You don’t always have the same smell. One part of it, I guess, but not on the whole.

    And I do the whole people-smelling thing, too, so if you’re weird, honey, that makes two of us.

  2. there is one cologne that i just love – it makes me all swoony – but i don’t know what it is. and i have a really femme friend who wears cologne. she gets complimented on it -all- the time.

    myself, i don’t know anything about either. but i do use some yummy smelling body butter =) i really need to get some cologne for drag, but i don’t even know where to start.

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