all is fair in love and war?

We have never been very good at establishing and clearly communicating relationship boundaries. But what if it comes to that?

Here is what I would expect from myself:
1. To exhibit temperance
2. To keep my heart at a safe distance (that distance is yours and mine to dictate)
3. To keep my mind and body available to you, for whatever you need them (within reason).

Here is what I would expect from you:
1. To be decisive and fearless about your decisions. Jump in feet first once you know what you want, and don’t get out of the water until you’re done with whatever you wanted to accomplish.
2. Talk to me honestly and frequently about how you feel so that we won’t have any surprises (you can be sure I’ll do that, it’s a compulsion of mine).
3. Tell me what you expect from me, as well. Tell me what you want out of it.

If you want to be with me, you have to earn it by not playing games with my affection, and you have to know, generally if not specifically, what you want, and ask for it. Here we are, back to that ever-useful mantra, “ask for what you want.”


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