boy on boy action

P.S. will release a video for download next Friday featuring two trans guys sucking each other off and wrestling for top. I am probably going to die of the anticipation before next Friday. See what they put me through! Finally another vignette with butch/transguys in it and they tease me with PICTURES. Ah! Granted the pictures are fucken awesome, but it’s just not the same without the audio. At one point the one gettin fucked has his face smashed into the coverlet, ass in the air and and with his arm twisted around his back, he’s grasping the other guy’s hand. See? It’s that hand-holding thing. I notice it everywhere now! There’s also a picture of them – switched this time – and the guy has a Hitachi in his pants, and grasping his cock.

God, I love butches and transguys. Hmm. Damn. And I have to wait til next weekend to get my Jill on. Er… off, rather.




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