lurking in the shadows

Can I just say that anonymous readers that don’t ever comment kinda really freak me out. Someone reads from Orlando. I don’t technically have any friends in Orlando! There’s someone from Rochester, Chicago, Seattle, Winston-Salem, L.A., Jersey (several) and even someone from London! There are several visitors that I can kinda guess, because they’re the only ones – like Philly, Springfield, and my lone Aussie πŸ˜‰ but Atlanta?? or Mobile? or Cullowhee? Cuz honey, you and I are probably the only ones who’ve even heard of Cullowhee and that makes me nervous!

It make me think I’ve been found out. But even if you’re reading. You don’t technically know who I am. Technically. All you know is that I’m some girl from the south who likes to go around busting up roles, stereotypes and paradigms. Wriggling herself the limelight. Maybe not limelight, exactly. Maybe.

All I’m asking, is that you state your name (not name your state).
Tell me your story – even if it’s a one-liner.
Comment or e-mail.

On the work front: My cubicle neighbor lady at work keeps telling me what I wild thing I am. The secret is that it kinda turns me on when she says in her dry, school-matron voice, “You wild thing, you…” as she raises an eyebrow. I told her about the Twisted Monk Rope Kit that is in a brown truck somewhere on its way here from Los Angeles. I also bought a Rock Chick for a special someone who will remain nameless to protect the innocent. And a black leather riding crop. And a faint pink glass butt plug. (WHAT? you say? A butt plug you say? Yeah that’s what I said. It was pretty, what can I say? I had to have it. But seriously, sex toy masterminds – can’t you come up with a prettier name than butt plug? Even anal plug is distasteful. “Plug” sounds like a kitchen utensil. Like. drain plug. It’s more like. An ass decoration. heehee. Um. I’ve had a little wine. This the longest parenthetical statement I have made in years!)

BY THE WAY – and forgive me for being traitorous: is on sale, 10% off of $100, 15% off of $150 and $20 off of $200. And free shipping over $100 Which means if you get $200 worth of stuff, you only pay $160 and it comes to your house for FREE. Granted, the shipping is scheduled to take 11 days (from the ship date mind you, which is like 4 days after the order date) and I’m really anxious for it to arrive!

1. Random non-commenters, introduce yourselves!
2. Shameless kink at work – what?
3. Think of a new name for butt plug.
4. is on sale.
5. I have sneezed four times while writing this blog.


11 thoughts on “lurking in the shadows

  1. Well I would be representing the Seattle contingency! One liner: I am a gay man trapped in a woman’s body (at least that is how my friends describe me). I am envious of your Twisted Monk kit which is on my wish list.

  2. 1. Random non-commenters, introduce yourselves!

    I spotted you on May’s blog. I’m always wondering where and who the hell my readers are – I get gazillions of hits every day, but only a small handful of regular commenters. It’s strange.

    A lot of people just like to read, but many of them don’t believe they can contribute to the conversation. In some respects, it’s the opposite of real life

    I’m a middle-aged kinky straight guy from the Nutmeg State who uses teh intertubez to play out his fantasies of being a popular and respected writer. Oh, and I yawned once while writing this comment.

    Tom Allen
    The Edge of Vanilla

  3. R – I thought that was you!

    V – Oh really? Some people think they can’t contribute to the conversation? I must be a chatterbox because I can’t keep myself from butting into other people’s blog conversations! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for identifying yourselves!

  4. The timing for this is excellent – I found your blog this morning through ontoplists, and we have a few blogfriends in common. I like your writing style, so I’ll be around some more πŸ™‚

    xx Dee

  5. Reading…found you via Sugarbutch. Queer femme, and also very envious of that twisted monk kit, even if I have no one to use it with.

  6. I’m the reader/non commenter from Atlanta. I’m sorry to creep you out. I just thought it would be creepier to have a random person just jump into the middle of a conversation. (and I’m shy, and not at all a writer) So that’s me: Shy lesbian from Atlanta.

  7. sorry for lurking! i’m a 21-year-old gender-fluid queer grrl in boston. i am a fan of blogs that make me think while turning me on, and yours is definitely one of them. i don’t have a blog, but i do have a friends-only livejournal if you’re interested.

  8. nic: don’t be shy! i don’t bite! i mean, unless you want me to πŸ˜›
    vic: nothing to be sorry for! i might be interested in your livejournal, you wanna email me about it?

  9. I’m the Philly person (although I think it might technically list me as Willow Grove, and right now I’m reading from work in New Jersey).

    Also, if you go to, the code 2QW gets you 15% off πŸ™‚

    That’s all πŸ™‚


  10. I’m the Philly person (although I think it might technically list me as Willow Grove, and right now I’m reading from work in New Jersey).

    Also, if you go to, the code 2QW gets you 15% off πŸ™‚

    That’s all πŸ™‚


  11. hahaha i was thinking how horrible “butt plug” sounded the other day. It shouldn’t even have a name that describes what it is. I mean.. “dildo” doesn’t say “stick it in your privates”.. “dildo” doesn’t even sound like a real word. Someone was probably drunk when they named it. Anyhow. Butt Plug.

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