it’s a date

I’m going to FetishCon 2008 (August 14-17), so who’s coming with me!? Please oh please someone come with me! I’ll go to bars alone, but hell the fuck no I am not going to this thing alone. Mark your calendars! It’s only $40 USD and you can stay at my house. Don’t you all want to stay at my house? Pretty please? Maybe I can persuade Delilah to go – surely I can convince her if I have eight months to work up to it?

If not, then I know who else wiiiill! Mr. and Mrs. Troublemaker. Girl, please. Mrs. Troublemaker will jump at any chance to wear false tits and eyelashes. Get your tickets now before the price goes up $15! Worry about your plane ticket later!


8 thoughts on “it’s a date

  1. Teehehe.. yeah you’ll have to hold my hand. And even then it will most likely take you all of your eight months. πŸ˜› Were you there the one night we went to “Fetish Night” at the Castle? err.. *Blush*

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