daytime noises

i cannot believe that literally a month after moving into this apartment they started building a business office complex OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. I can see the whole, entire operation from my second floor bedroom window, which also means that I can hear the loud machines, the jack hammers, the dump trucks, the reverse “beeps”, and the customary whoops and hollers.

today, at 10 a.m. TEN. I heard, “Shawty had dem apple bottom jeans (jeans) boots with the fur (with the fur) the whole club was lookin’ at herr….” they blasted the entire song and then started on “ay bay bay”. I was so pissed. What if I had a baby that was asleep? What if someone was legitimately sick in one of these apartments. What if someone works nights and was ASLEEP. so I tore open my curtain (a sheet hanging from the blinds, yanked open the big wooden blinds and threw up the window to look out. As soon as the sun hit my face, that music was O-F-F off. Thanks! I’m going to put my ear plugs in and go back to sleep because this is ridiculous.

P.S. I’m starting to chicken out on that Senior Seminar. I feel like I should take it last and not take any other classes with it, so that I can focus on that one. I don’t want to be the dumbass who gets a C in the capstone course. It’s only offered in the summer so that would add another four months onto my college experience (it would total 7 years by May 2009). My other two classes are also requiring quite a bit of my time. I’m not sure what to do about it. Any ideas? I can’t quit work. I can’t even lower my hours because I’ve already done that.


2 thoughts on “daytime noises

  1. LOL! yeah at work I hear BOTH those songs multiple times a day if my batteries die and I’m not blaring my own music in headphones. Its amazing how often…whatever that urban friendly station is..plays the same crap on toast everyday.

  2. I am convinced EVERY time I move, there shall be construction. It hasn’t failed me yet. My prior place had a creek along the back yard. I woke up one morning to see the chain gang crew (ie work release from the local jail) trodding around my back yard planting trees along the creek, which had evidently been identified as a salmon spawning creek. Nothing better than being out in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of guys meandering around your back yard, asking for water. Thank god I hate pit bulls. A week after that I had a school bus pull up which unloaded all of its kids. The local school was “touring” the salmon creek. I moved shortly after that episode since the town was planning on expanding the road that my driveway connected to. No thanks!

    Tough call on the classes – if you think the 2 classes are going to be a handful, then I would think twice about adding the senior class. Like you said, you really want to do your best in them.

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