still going!

Why go on a date with Marian when so many red flags are already up?

The answer is because I have been on exactly 0 dates, have had exactly 0 girlfriends, and have kissed exactly 1 person 2 times (and it was the same night, do they both count?). With those statics in mind, I am eager to go on one date, with one pot smoking, non-degree-seeking butch because I would like to have fun with my twenties and I have wasted (perhaps not wasted… you know what I mean) nearly a quarter of them, being confused. Since I’m not confused and have a great deal more direction and motivation in life than I did 3 years ago, I’ve decided it’s time to meet some people. A date is just that, a date, and while she may be looking for The One, I’m not, so the fact that it’s certainly not meant to be, I’m not getting my heart involved.

What’s my heart for, anyway, if my body and my snarky mouth can do the rest? I suppose I have yet to learn that part.

So, yes, there are several red flags already, but hey. Maybe I could at least do some makin’ out. That would be very satisfying and it doesn’t have to mean anything.


6 thoughts on “still going!

  1. i didn’t mean to seem cruel. just wanted to point out that the choices we make communicate a lot to our selves about what we think we are worth. i know you are eager to test out your desires, and mercy knows there is nothing wrong with that. i just hate the idea of throwing good loving at people that can’t return the favor.

  2. i’m all for it =) it’s a date, it might be fun, and there’s really no telling at this point what comes next, so why not check it out? anyhow, i think ‘red flags’ is pushing it – those get you kicked out of the game – i’d say you’ve got yellow flags up, those are warnings and it seems like you’re paying attention to them.

    as for your heart – it’s there to sneak up on you and hijack the whole show when you’re not expecting it. πŸ˜‰

    t-t: i really like that last sentance. but it sounds to me like she knows what she’s getting into, which’ll probably keep her from throwing her loving away.

  3. cruel!? you’re not being cruel! I think there are a lot of observations to be made about the situation and they’ve all been useful so far. I promise not to throw any of my especially good lovin’ at anyone who may not appreciate it! Ok, *blows whistle* everybody go back to being friends! πŸ™‚

  4. my dear ms. avarice, we are all friends here! chalk me up to devil’s advocacy & middle age. i have complete faith that you are capable of taking care of you. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m too tired to analyze any of this, so I’ll just say…here’s to making out (raises her glass) with anyone who smells good and doesn’t have a cold sore.

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