tattoo ideas

when my dad died, i wanted to get a meaningful tattoo. i probably haven’t found the right one, but I’ve been playing violin for 13 years now, and it is sufficiently “part” of me that I think I could handle having it permanently on my body. so i want “f-hole” tattoos. they must come in pairs. i have thought about it before, but i can’t decide what location.

should i put them on my lower back? my vain imagination puts me bowed down, or folded over a chair, or the edge of a bed, or a kitchen counter with a lover at the rear *ehem*. would that turn you on? if you’re a musician? or how about in that “under the bra strap” area where Belle got her star tattoos. That would be pretty secretive, hideable, and a pleasant surprise. Or I was also thinking the two f-holes could sit right on top of my hip bones on the front.

i think i’m going to have kay draw or paint them all on me and see which ones we like best. i will post pictures if that materializes.

also, the box with the ropes, butt plug, and riding crop came – not terribly pleased with the quality of the riding crop, but it can be used on myself when i’m alone so that’s definitely a plus. the ropes, unfortunately require a partner as i cannot mutate to have an extra pair of arms very quickly. Don’t ferget yer safety shears! *shakes shears*


7 thoughts on “tattoo ideas

  1. I’ve always liked the f hole tattoos. Personally I like them best when done on the back- Man Ray style
    But on the hips could be really pretty too. Although I would caution you to do it under the bra strap area. Any area that is constantly rubbed by clothing is going to fade. Plus during the healing time you wouldn’t be able to wear a bra- which could be a problem, hehe.

    But I that design is a nice fit for you.

  2. I love the Man Ray style too – on the back is lovely but I do like above the hip idea too. Of course I am down for any tattoo, as I sit here and jones to finish my sleeve and start the new one.

  3. I vote for the pictures. But they would probably look better lower, similar to where they sit on a violin. And then you can have someone make your whole body an instrument.

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