Report on the Butt Plug

If I could sum up this sweet little butt plug (please gods! give me a different word for them!) in one word, it would have to be “surprise!”

First, I was surprised by how nice it felt just teasing myself before I pushed it in. Then, I was surprised that it actually did slip in so smoothly even though I was in an awkward position – I dunno, it’s hard to reach for me! I was also surprised that once it was in I couldn’t really feel it that much. Despite all that, it made a BIG DIFFERENCE, and you should know I don’t overuse capital letters!

I had to put a pillow under my tail bone so that I could reach, but that wasn’t so bad. I actually preferred the cold glass to something that might have been warmer. It felt soothing. I had already been talking with Sandi tonight, telling her when I took off my shirt… telling her when I took off my bra, telling her what she could do to me… (i’ll explain in the next post) so needless to say, there was some “prep work” involved. I was reviewing my favorite episodes from and having a nice reunion with my handy dandy cheapo $22 vibrator that I love from the bottom of my very heart.

Back to the surprises, I was also surprised that the vibrator (it’s a g-spot vibrator) still fit into my cranky, narrow little cunt with the butt plug taking up so much space in the general vicinity. The sensation is quite different from having just the vibrator, even though I couldn’t technically feel the butt plug. After some gentle massaging of the general area, I found it incredibly easy to climax – which brings me to my final surprise.

Wow. Usually when I masturbate, I’m satisfied with quick, silent breathing. I hardly ever make a sound because I live in an apartment. My usual restraint was missing! I quite enjoyed dissolving into soft ooh’s and ahh’s and mmmmh’s, which are my usual fare. So, no quiet orgasm for Miss Avarice tonight, nope!

Long story short, the butt plug was a smart purchase and I have a feeling it’s going to become part of the standard regime. And it’s so pretty too!

See the bottom-most listing on this page at

P.S. I am taking applications for rope dom’s who want to tie me up! The ropes have yet to be tried and reviewed! They smell lovely, like hemp, and feel very welcome on my skin.


6 thoughts on “Report on the Butt Plug

  1. Did you see the Dylan Ryan/Calista video from Crash Pad with the butt plug. God I’m not even interested in butt play but she made it seem like an amazingly satisfying experience. Seems you’ve had the same. Maybe I need to rethink things.

  2. D – THIS is that butt plug. I wasn’t even interested either until I saw that. I think I’m over the weirdness of “it’s a butt!” Actually, I’m certain.

  3. I wear a butt plug often and just love it. Some of my stories about me and my plug can be found under warmwhitedrops

  4. Dear god, that is fucking hot. You have no idea how hot the fact that you couldn’t restrain your moans is to think about. DEAR GOD>

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