report on first date ever, take 3

Let me just start off by saying that she’s not looking for The One, she’s just lookin for one. And I guess that’s where I am too. Pot smoking aside, Marian’s a very engaging person. She’s a student of life who’s trying to learn whatever she can from the people who pass in and out of her life. She’s not trying to impress anybody, she takes life one day at a time.

Is this not at least a little bit like buying a car? Test drive it, don’t take the first one you see, try to bargain but don’t try to steal it? At any rate, we would probably make better friends than girlfriends, but I’ve been advised that next week is available if I’d like to spend more time with her. The conversation floated in and out of all the “get to know you” topics.

Which are my favorite, by the way.

Knowing people is like a personal hobby of mine. Searching out their secrets, asking them questions like “what are you afraid of?” and “what one thing makes you the most happy?”

We lingered outside before I left, leaning on my car. She did that sly maneuver – scratched her head, put her arm down behind me, and put her hand on my waist. Even so, she’s taking me slow. It was chilly and I was in a really short skirt (the zipper on which busted at some point between my bedroom where I zipped it, and the bathroom 3 hours later – woops!). Her last relationship was kind crazy and the woman’s being really manipulative. She got a text message from her saying, in essence, “I see how it is, you’re with that girl so you won’t talk to me.” If that ain’t manipulative, I don’t know what is.

I told her about my relationship with my mom. First Christmas without her, she sent me money to purchase a piece of nice jewelry. “What are you going to buy?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I do love pearls… I bought a beautiful string of pearls in Turkey and that’s when I fell in love with them. They make these really long strands that can be draped quite long…”

I told her about this scene that I envision when I think of pearls – that I would be home waiting for the object of my affections to return from a day at work, that I would present myself, nude, kneeling, with the pearls draped down to my navel. A welcome home gift for a special occasion. She agreed that would be pretty hot.

“I’m going to kiss you now, if that’s okay, and then you can go home to do your homework…” The people who had been loitering in the car park at her apartment had wandered off and we were alone for a bit. She was tentative, cautious with me, and now I just wish I could have had more.

I’m still confused as to what kissing really is. Do you just mash lips together? Throw in some sugar and spice and everything nice and tada! A kiss. No? I would like to have some practice because I’m still lost. One thing I can already tell is that I like lots of earnest, searching tongue.

Pretty please?

Because Miss Avarice is a hungry bitch and not interested in being tempted if you’re not going to take me.

P.S. I’m not going to tell her about Miss Avarice.


5 thoughts on “report on first date ever, take 3

  1. Just think of kissing like dancing… if you’re inexperienced, follow the other person’s lead. Otherwise, just go with your instinct, like sex, your body will do the rest.

    It sounds like it was an enjoyable night at the very least and that you’ve found yourself some friendly company even if nothing more develops!… enjoy it!

  2. There are so many different types of kisses. It all depends on mood and passion. My favorite is the little kiss that turns into the I need to take you right now kiss.

    Ah, the evolving kiss. yum

  3. kissing, mercy
    an art form on the lips of a connoisseur
    think of your lips as fingertips
    discovering a new world
    savor, think slow
    to start
    think of your tongue as a finely crafted instrument
    that can read desire, intent, every secret
    upon the skin, the lips, the tongue
    of your lover
    if you are patient, and listen well
    if you follow your instinct as to where their skin leads you
    think of your teeth as claiming what they touch
    and that ownership is conveyed by how they are used
    grazing, nibbling, biting
    and whether the tongue follows
    or not
    or the lips
    if you can make love with your mouth
    make your lover moan and melt
    into your kisses
    if you can work each key into their desire with your kiss
    you’ll be kissing

  4. I like it when the kiss starts out with slightly open mouths, barely stroking each other, the feel of hot breath on my lips…

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