"i think she’s a genius"

I just got back from visiting with Delilah. We haven’t seen each other since before Christmas (before Thanksgiving maybe? I can’t remember). The time has gotten between us so quickly. Our tradition has been to make Christmas really special since we do not get to be together often during the year. And, as you can see by the date on the calendar, Christmas waits for us, we do not wait on Christmas. I presented her with a shirt that was screaming her name when I first saw it, as well as a small perfume. Surprise, surprise, finally I brought another small package which, after unwrapping several unassuming layers of paper, she discovered the Rock Chick. We shall expect a full report. I’m pretty jealous, I might get one for myself. Look mom, no hands!

Being the sneaky one she is, and knowing my absolute, everlasting love for martini-style drinks, and for barware of all kinds, found for me a lovely set of 3oz martini glasses – perfect size for some double shots of whatever delicious combination I can dream up! Along with a shaker – smaller than the one I have already, so that I won’t have to use the big one if I’m just shaking things up for myself. But the big hit was a long, long string of beautiful white pearls, hand knotted and perfect for that lucky blue shirt that has gotten so much attention (or rather, procured attention for me) lately. It’s been a long time since I couldn’t stop saying, “I’m so happy!”

I might have a problem, a glassware problem. Without looking, I can count now ten martini glasses, eight wine glasses, six shot glasses, 2 margarita glasses, 2 champagnes, 2 martini shakers, and heart shaped ice trays.

Did someone say house party? When I move into that low income housing in April, let’s break it in right. I just might need to have a houseboy, too. Humor me, will you?

P.S. I still haven’t gotten revenge on Patri ci a – that revenge is forthcoming.


2 thoughts on “"i think she’s a genius"

  1. You can never have too much glassware. Say you do have a gaggle of people over and you’re short a stylish glass or two? Perish the thought! =)

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