dance card

my dance card has been filling. this week has been packed.

still talking to Sandy on the side, and sending dirty notes which thrills her to pieces, and thrills me even more that she likes them and doesn’t try to change the subject like other girls have been doing.

while we did have a very relaxed afternoon together and a sweet moment outside as i was leaving, i have completely lost interest in Marian. you may have realized that i can be a bit of a bitch. if someone can’t compete with me, intellectually, i get bored. there was an overly long rant tonight that exhausted my interest. she’s also way too much like my brother – she has the same needs and engages the same sympathies that he engages in me. i already feel drained. check that one off the list!

Crave is coming to visit this weekend. we’ve agreed on no expectations, but she seems to be a fine fella so i’m sure i’ll enjoy her company. she’s in town for a bit to visit someone else, and as a perk! we get to do a “round 2” on the date we supposed to have in NYC in October. she answered one of my CL ads for an intelligent toppy butch. i’m pleased to have a second chance because so far, she’s a jewel.

to top it all off, i’ve just planned a date for tomorrow night with Autumn who is “transitioning” from an ambiguous, undefined gender, gradually into something more and more masculine. i haven’t seen the outcome of the haircut that has reportedly “done the trick”, according to the referring friends.

Wow, three in one week! What’s a girl to do? Let’s just call it extracurricular activities towards my Women’s Studies degree, shall we?


3 thoughts on “dance card

  1. Break out that party dress girl! I am not really surprised about Marian – who needs to date another version of an annoying family member? Oh by the way, I am lusting after your martini glass collection. I clearly need more of these!

  2. sounds like you’ve got a full plate – good for you! and i wholeheartedly agree about the intellectual competition thing! (a shame, though – she had such a lovely name =)

    hmm…do you get extra credit for studying all these women? ;D

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