friends don’t let friends leave the house looking like crap

Actually, these are good tips for everyone. I would like to add a few:

*If you wear your hair short, have it cut frequently!
*Please, have your pants tailored, or buy the correct length!
*Brush your teeth before you go to meet a lady. (I should NOT have had to say that, but it happened to me like 2 days ago.)
*Know your correct size, and dress in it. This goes for the ladies too.

And finally,
just because you dress like a boy
doesn’t mean you have to act like one.
period. end of story.

P.S. I stole this from The Butch Caucus. This blog collects YouTube videos and images of pop culture relating to butch culture and the everyday butch experience, while focusing specifically on butches (/people) of color.


4 thoughts on “friends don’t let friends leave the house looking like crap

  1. uh-oh, i’m in trouble – i’m not even butch and i do a number of those things. well, i don’t care how cute her glasses or shirt-collar-over-sweater look is, i’m not giving up my carpenter pants 😉

  2. I don’t do anything of those things thankfully to say, but I do not cut my short hair frequently enough… I’m guilty of that one. She’s cute, though very lesbian scene… dark glasses, sweaters and shirt collars, I mean… so am I, but still. I don’t think we should police each other, we should just not date those who dress fugly!

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