and another thing

I’m so thankful for all of you who left your well wishes for my talk with T. It’s so very affirming to know that people who are merely strangers can affect the outcomes of various situations in your life in a few simple words. I especially thank those of you who can relate to my struggle for integration of sexuality and spirituality. It takes a long time to come to that place of oneness and I wish you all smooth, safe journey.

On that note, remember the Body Electric workshop that I attended with Sinclair in October? The beginning course, “Celebrating the Body Erotic” is coming around again in NYC this March, and later, in June, NYC will also host “Power, Surrender, and Intimacy.” I can’t explain to you enough how important the CBE was in helping me integrate sexuality and spirituality and I think that anyone who is on a similar path as mine – anyone, for that matter – should seriously and carefully consider participating in CBE at the very least.

Hop on over to for more information on both of these workshops. My sight is set on the PSI, which has not been offered in quite some time. So! If you’d like to meet Miss Avarice, start packing your bags!


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