Fleshbot Sex Round-up

Tongue-Tied, and I, along with several others, have been featured this week in AAG’s Fleshbot Sex Blog Round-up: The writers in today’s roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene sure know how to get a reaction using their oral skills …

Erin with a capital oooaaaaahhh

This time, with only two fingers inside, I worked Erin’s wet, open cunt and making things up as I went along – imagining rhythms and patterns to her delight. Swearing that I was not in fact a beginner, that I was indeed a seasoned veteran, she came, grinding on my hand and gave a hearty, healthy, “haaah” before she pulled my hand out, off and pulled me close to her, breathing. I sighed, “I love bodies. There’s nothing that makes me more angry than when people who have trouble loving their shape.” We agreed that was a travesty, and that we loved our bodies. They awoke me at 8:30 to take me back to my car so that I could make my way across the bridge and back to my warm bed.
Miss Avarice speaks her mind


one time
after she came and came
a puddle of her pussy and sweat
on my chest, shoulders, neck, chin, cheeks and so forth
my tongue tingled in
tiny electric shocks and
my lips were swollen and red
for hours afterwards
Tongue Tied Blue

Relying a bit too much on the kindness of strangers

Consequently, his hovering next to a shelf, coincidentally providing him an unobstructed view of the women in question, and idly fingering a movie case he had yet to glance at put him resoundingly in the ranks of the unwashed stalker. I was only too obliged to approach this critter on behalf of the store. I was not subtle in my route toward him and once I drew to within a couple yards of him, he began to pay assiduous attention to the movies arranged on the shelf before him. I wonder if anyone has ever fallen for such a feeble pretext of innocence. It wouldn’t be me this night however. I told him he needed to leave immediately. He nodded and started sauntering toward the door, pausing to look at another shelf at one point. I got less polite in my demand that he remove himself from the property with alacrity. I was quite testy when I finally shuffled him out the door.
Cast Upon the Thorns

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