Sly Fox

I met a Libra named Sly tonight at gay coffee. She’s a nonstop talker and probably has the shortest attention span of anyone I’ve ever met – myself included. Pa-tri-ci-a has counted how many times I can change the subject in a row before, it ended up being something like 5 times within about 30 seconds. I think Sly can top that. She’s like the definition of attention deficit disorder, and I was completely fascinated. She does something with the military, and when she’s off duty she works for our local convention center setting up and tearing down sets – laying carpet, hanging drapes, and assembling snap-together furniture. She has traveled far and wide, putting twice as many miles on her car in six months than I put on mine in a year! Eight or so states left to go before she has seen all 50. It wasn’t long before I was hooked.

Sly is a tall, lean chap with mediumish length brown hair, but she’s clearly the type to put it up in a baseball cap. Wearing a hoodie and a jacket, she ranted into the cold air about this and that. I listened actively, interjecting where I could. Usually when people talk nonstop, I get annoyed when they don’t let me say my piece. But I was content, tonight. When she was about to leave, she found me and slugged a big hug on me with her long arms, and said she was glad to meet me. I’m getting better at this making friends with strangers thing, what a fantastic feat for s girl like me who is an inner extrovert struggling with outer shyness!


3 thoughts on “Sly Fox

  1. Libras and Geminis are really good together. They make great friends but as lovers…so so. I’ve had two very significant Libras in my life and both have been talkers. They are great people though and do appreciate the Gemini mind. She’s not likely to be intimidated which is a good thing.

  2. charming! (jake’s a libra, on the astrology thing)

    and, well, i might have to steal “inner extrovert struggling with outer shyness”

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