some things take time

I spent last evening er… this morning, rather, since I didn’t arrive until 1 a.m. after work, with Pa tri ci a, Sol and Autumn. I felt very welcome, and I have to say that the more time I have to sort through things, the better I feel about everything. I was in a much better frame of mind today than I was this past weekend, and I loved being able to reconnect with P. We had fun times in the hot tub, gettin topless and giggling – actually most of the giggling came from me, because did you know, being naked makes me laugh more, so one of my new years’ resolutions was to enjoy more naked time. No joke. We all piled up on a king size bed, and I have decided that when this bed wears out, I’m getting a king. It’s like the epitome of luxury, and great for multiple bodies piling up all together. And you know I love that! I hate being alone at night and everyone insisted that I join them, so my antisocial tendencies were restricted. It was good. I’m exhausted now, though. We woke up at 8:30 so that Sol would have time to run errands, but after 3 hours of sleep that was -so- not happening. I came home so that I would have my clothes and stuff ready when I get up for work in a few hours.

For once, I’m glad that holding a grudge is damn near impossible for me, that given a little bit of time, I can get over pretty much any petty grievance. It seems like when it comes to lesbians, if you can’t be friendly with the people, regardless of who’s sleeping with whom, you’ll have some trouble keeping friends. I’ve seen some people get into horrible arguments over stupid stuff and then never speak to each other again, and that’s so very unfortunate. I’d rather be able to make amends than waste all that energy on being angry. Evil makes people unattractive, and I simply cannot have that.


4 thoughts on “some things take time

  1. King size beds rock for filling up with bodies but they suck when it comes time to move and find a bedroom that will accommodate them. I have had a few bedrooms where only the bed fit in and nothing else. Of course that does kinda make a statement of your priorites…hehe. Have a great weekend Miss A!

  2. We enjoyed having you, Miss Ay-ver-eece. (LOL!:-D) I took a short nap but am still tired as fuck, OMG. So I think I’m just gonna hit the hay wicked early tonight.

    Thank you for your txt telling me you’d arrived home safely. I didn’t reply because you know how I got it with txt messaging when it comes to non-Verizon users, but again, thank you for letting me know and I hope you had a yummy breakfast and one of those caramel coffees in my honor. 🙂


  3. Props to you for being naked. I wish everyone was that comfortable. I’m getting there myself finally after years of going back and forth. It’s so much for freeing. My hat’s off to you Miss Lovely Lady!

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