no, i didn’t win the lottery

Miss Avarice has shopped.
No, I didn’t win the lottery,
I just have really good credit.
This shopping trip will probably
last me until the summer time!

From the jewelry store:
Diamond Ring: $975? Hardly. $292.50
Aquamarine Ring: $189.? Try $56.70
Black Pearl Earrings: $100? Half. $50.00
White Pearl Earrings: $59? A mere $18

I apparently shopped on the right day because my favorite place for clothing was also on sale. Pretty much everything in the $30-$50 range was $6! When I checked out, Rather than my receipt showing $440, it was $171. For two whole bags stuffed full! Mostly sweaters and a jacket for colder weather, stocking up for times when I will be heading northward. I also grabbed some yoga pants, a denim skirt, dress pants, and shelf tanks. From another store I grabbed a couple of thin, long-sleeved shirts for the dreaded Camping Trip which I have been conned, coerced, and otherwise required against my will to attend. Finally, I finished off with two new bags, a small red and a mediumish blue. My friends make fun of me for how incredibly large most of my purses, and I general stick to one style, so I purposefully picked bags that are definitely not my style – it’s time to branch out.

Speaking of heading northward, my mind has been in “please god, anywhere but here” mode and I have been curiously investigating places like Brooklyn, Jersey, Portland, and Washington State as a future home once I have finished my Women’s Studies degree – although I’m sure the studying will have just begun by that point! Of course this is not for another year or so, but moving that far away from home deserves some thorough preparation. Why move across the continent you ask? Eh. I require constant change to exist. My spirit must always be moving. And I’ve said many times before, I have never felt so content in any other situation than I feel when I am in transit from one place to another. Whether it’s driving to work, driving to see a friend who lives out of town or flying to an entirely different city. My most favorite feeling is walking down a street that I have never been on before. That’s why it didn’t take me long to get on board when Kay suggested that they might be skipping town in the next year or two also…


3 thoughts on “no, i didn’t win the lottery

  1. must be the season. i am not a shopper, mostly, but this weekend was definitely my exception 😉 and i’m totally jealous of your dreaded camping trip.

    i know that change and movement feeling – my best friend back when always said i was a nomad. (you sure you don’t want to come over here? it’s got nothing to recommend it, but it’s not quite as cold as all those other places 😉

  2. “My most favorite feeling is walking down a street that I have never been on before”

    Aww you told me that last night.

    “Me too”

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