Look at this beautiful, beautiful butch woman. I’m especially entranced by the back cover. Mhmm. Is this yet another sign that I’m totally into older women, or is she just one big piece of hotness? I’m thinking both. And what a sweet, sweet, buttery smooth voice! I’m hooked. This is the third album of hers that I have purchased, and what a delicious treat it is.

I feel like having some dessert. I think I’ll have Sahlep


6 thoughts on “watershed

  1. Miss Avarice – do you have her album “Songs Of The 49th Parallel”? I think that is her most brilliant and lovely work. She sings songs only by Canadian songwriters including covering “The Valley” which was written by bisexual songwriter Jane Siberry. I almost crashed my car listening to her sing that one…

  2. oh yes. she just one big piece of hotness. or maybe this is yet another sign that I’m totally into older women. and that voice…

  3. mlc-i do have it, that and reintarnation (which i did not know was mostly a country album – i’m not into country but i resolved to like it regardless because she is so great)

  4. I’ve been a fan of k.d. lang for quite some time, ever since first hearing the soundtrack to ‘Even Cowgirls Get the Blues’.

    My personal favourite has to be Constant Craving though. Just lovely.

    xx Dee

  5. ahh…kd.

    i listen to hymns on my way to work most mornings (always before work in the ICU).

    i just fill my beat-up camry with her voice and ride that wave, or cloud, or space full of beautiful sound and vision, or whatever it is to the hospital.

    i will owe k.d. an actual thank you note when i get done with med school, because her art has somehow prepared me for my toughest days.

    (and, i agree…she’s stunningly beautiful)

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