sometimes it’s impossible to fully prepare

I honestly do not have words to tell you people how important and relevant the Celebrating the Body Erotic workshop was for me in October. But one thing is certain, I was not prepared for it. I thought I was, but when it came down to it, I felt so very new, green to everything. And I’ve decided that it is not something that you can ever fully prepare yourself for. At least not the first time… You just have swallow your pride and do it. I know it sounds like a lot of money, but it is worth it. I didn’t think I would be ready again so soon, but with all the physical processing (Autumn, Crave, Erin) I am feeling very steady. With any luck, I will also cherish Delilah’s very fine company – she’s a very brave soul who always has my full undivided attention whenever I am in her presence. I’m sure she will enrich the experience.

Body Electric School 2008 Spring Programs, NYC

Safe, playful and profound workshops for women of all ages and sexual orientations
Taught by two very gifted teachers

newly updated
Celebrating the Body Erotic for Women
March 29-30, NYC, Sat-Sunday 9am-7pm
Isa Magdalena
(back teaching at Body Electric after many years)

• Feel comfortable in your body
• Improve your body image and self-esteem
• Expand awareness, sensation and pleasure through conscious breath,
movement, touch, and communication
• Release fear, shame and old patterns that hold you back
• Communicate your desires and boundaries more clearly
• Learn to give and receive without losing yourself
• Explore the power of sexual energy / ibido / life force / kundalini
• Learn from your own and others’ experience
• Enjoy sex more
• Have more fun

Isa Magdalena was the first woman teacher at Body Electric (1993-98). She teaches sexological bodywork at the Institute of Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, is author of Libido: Where Sex, Science Spirit Meet (2006). Isa is featured in several sex education videos from the New School of Erotic Touch, is a practitioner and leads classes in Taos, New Mexico. For fuller information, visit

first time in many years
Power, Surrender and Intimacy for Women

June 20-22, NYC, Friday 7-10pm, Sat-Sunday 9am-7pm
Alex Jade

  • Learn BDSM techniques and develop skills
  • Discover and clarify issues of empowerment and liberation
  • Recognize how you engage in power dynamics in your everyday life and exercise more conscious choice
  • Heighten awareness of your body’s capacity for sensation
  • Explore power and sensation games for fun and healing
  • Experience the joy of surrender and trust

Presequisite for this workshop is Celebrating the Body Erotic

Alex Jade has been a leading teacher at Body Electric for a decade and has developed several courses for the School. She is a gender-fluid sex activist, community organizer, shadow explorer and body-based therapist living in Seattle. She uses her training as a massage therapist, movement therapist and masters degree in social work to teach experiential sexual education classes and has a private healing practice.

Both Isa and Alex are profiled in Reclaiming Eros, Suzanne Blackburn and Margaret Wade, editors (2007).

Tuition: $395 per workshop. Recent CBE grads receive $50 discount on repeat workshops. Early registration discount of $35 until March 1st, full price thereafter.
Register with minimum $100 deposit. Full tuition is due three weeks before start of workshops.

Contact Debi Soler, NYC coordinator, 212-726-0679


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