one really horrifying day. only one.

I’m really in the foulest mood ever. Maybe not ever, but I’m very sour at the moment. I’ve been scowling basically the entire day.

Erin shooed me out of bed at 8:30 because “work called” and needed her to come in – I have no evidence that this is not true, but I was pretty irritated by being woken up so early, on a day that she said she’d be able to lie around in the morning. The commute home from her place – when driving in the daytime – takes literally 1 hour, 15 minutes. I’m going to have to start telling these bitches that if they want to see me they can come to my house. Eff this commuting with gas prices going for 30% of my hourly payrate. Rather than going to sleep, which I should have done, I stayed awake looking in craigslist for multi-unit houses in some of the historic districts in the area. Then, I went out to look at them. Which was horrific. The M-I-L quarters that I found, which was for a fantastic price and had a nice picture was absolutely horrifying for housing in a generally nice city. There was no central a/c, no backyard. The freeway is literally adjacent to the property, and the clothes dryer appeared to be older than the one that my family used when I was a child! The floor was separating from the wall, I’m positive there was mildew in the place – which I am allergic to – and to top things off, there was some random rotting car in the driveway. No thank you. I should have turned around and walked away when I saw the window a/c. Miss Avarice does not do window units. Uh-huh, No ma’am!

Oh, forgot to mention that before I went out driving and looking at rental properties, I found a hair in my favorite mc donald’s breakfast sandwich. I dark brown hair. cooked into the sandwich. I’m very lucky to have a pretty strong stomach. Horrifying. Are you seeing the pattern here? It has been a really horrifying day. Not to mention the nightmare that I had early this morning, sleeping next to Erin. There are ginormous thunder storms headed our way, the skies have been pretty much grey all the day long and gust winds – the works. UGH!

I went to go look at some subsidized housing, and at some standard apartments as well. There are so very few that have any one bedroom units and many of them have no central a/c as well. I wish I had someone to look for housing with together. It would be so much easier to find housing if I had someone to share it with. Someone reliable who’s going to stick around, someone who can love me for who I am and give me hugs when I come home. Just a friend.

On top of that, my mother can’t find anyone to take care of her after her back surgery on Thursday, and i may have to take my vacation days to fly up and take care of her. My grandmother was going to do it, but now her back’s hurting her, too and she doesn’t want to take the drive all the way to NC with her back acting funny.

I had to take back the corset that I bought the other day because it was far too small for me, even though I tried to lace it differently. I went to the mall to soothe myself with some more retail therapy but I ended up just walking around moping and finding nothing of interest. Traffic on the way home was bad, and my car smelled like trash all day driving around because I forgot to take it out of the trunk on the way out of my apartments.

aghhhh complaaaaain!

phew. I’m going to go listen to music, say no words and sit native-american style on the floor for a little while. whoooo. exhale!


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