help, finally

My mom’s uncle and aunt are going to drive up to take care of her. they live about 4 hours away and she hasn’t seen them in a really long time. Yay! I knew we would figure out something, I was about ready to buy a plane ticket and take to the skies but I called her this morning and told me they would come help. They didn’t know whether they should go see my mom or my grandmother, but my grandma told them she had plenty of help, to go help my mom. I’m so thankful for family, I can’t believe I never even though of them driving up to help! They’re very friendly people and the dog will love them, too.

Can someone call me and wake me up tomorrow at 11 a.m. to make sure I’m awake? It’s my first day on my new earlier schedule and I’m afraid I’m going to sleep in! I slept in today and missed my class!


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