the last 24 hours, in review

Gemini: Significant changes in a relationship have already started to modify your attitude about expressing your emotions. If you normally talk your way around deep feelings because they make you uncomfortable, consider spending more time exploring the shadows for the magic that is hidden in your heart.

Someone please explain to me why my horoscopes always tell me what I don’t want to hear? It’s all this “face the facts” nonsense all the time! I’m facing the facts!! I get it! Now go back to the happy horoscopes!

In other news, Miss Avarice broker number one drinking rule last night [eat a full meal before you take the first sip of alcohol] and paid for it big time. I didn’t get sick, and I didn’t get a hangover, but I got pretty smashed. I knew I couldn’t drive home, and I was alone, strung up in a tight corset, hoping to start feeling better. When I finally realized that food was the only thing that would help me overcome the alcohol, I called Sol and Autumn to come get me. They drove together and Sol drove my car back to their place and put my on the couch. I went over to see Kay and Ash’s new house and it’s so gorgeous and I’m totally jealous! But it inspired me to go find a place of my own and with Jennie’s help, I located a potential roommate under rooms/shares.

We went over to see him his afternoon, Jennie and I, and would you believe that he is simply the most adorable cuban gay boy – approaching his late twenties. The two of us have rooms downstairs and another boy, Feu (not to be confused with feo [ugly], which is what I thought he said at first!) lives in an upstairs apartment. We will share the bathroom between our rooms, and he has yet to finish the house, painting it, furnishing the apartment, so that is yet to come. But I like him already! Is it okay to like him right away? It’s in the part of town that I want, they’re relatively clean people (there was one, lonesome dish in the sink!), the appliances are nice, the kitchen is nice, the room is big, it’s 8 miles closer to work and school, it’s in the center of town and it’s close to the freeway. He mentioned in a conversation later in the day how fabulous he thought Jennie was, so he already gets along with at least one of my friends…

Being the total, utter, obsessive fag hag that I am, I’m completely smitten! We’re meeting again tomorrow afternoon to go over some more details. Wee!

After that I took T our to dinner and we continue to have a great relationship that doesn’t even center around my recent coming out episode in the least! Things are definitely looking up.


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