momentos intimos

I’ve just shared the most beautiful massage with two really special people. It reminded me of another experience that I had several months ago. A really special, intimate time that I wasn’t expecting from this pair. I don’t know what all I can say about it, but I just. I just. I just feel so deeply connected to them. This is what I want out of our friendship. To be open and to be able to share bodies without feeling weird. I couldn’t get the hang of the boundaries when the two of them had their hands on me. But I realized that they’ll tell me if we approach the boundaries. They won’t keep me guessing. I trust them to do that. But I feel all opened up and stretched out again. Spiritual open, as if I my tentacles are outspread. My feelers have extended past my arms. I’m not sure what to do with that. I’m still figuring out how to be three with them when they are so clearly two. Not three in a sexual way, at least not explicitly. They enjoy my company, and I am learning to enjoy theirs. I knew, I knew that time would heal my relationship to them. It’s healing. I’m healing. And this had something big to do with it.


2 thoughts on “momentos intimos

  1. “momentos íntimos” está en español, pero el resto del post en inglés, así que solo he entendido el título.

  2. There is definately a fine line between just sharing bodies and feeling the spark between two bodies. Both have their perks, defiantely. Sometimes having random acts of naked fullfillment is icredibly sexy. Sometimes it’s empty. Even so, I don’t think I’ve ever really regretted any unemotional sexual experiences (with women). But lemme tell you– the emotional sex experience with someone you really like.. DEAR GOD. Talk about an amazing way to get off.

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