another foul mood

This is a complaining post, feel free to ignore.

It’s been awhile since I had a truly, utterly, miserable time at a club. Part of it may have been that it was the middle of the night. Part of it may have been my attitude. I also didn’t know the venue, or the scene and arrived in completely overdressed. Personally, nothing kills my mood faster than being underdressed or overdressed. The drinks were weak. I went with an odd numbered group and quickly ended up isolated and sulking. I could have tried to make new friends but I can never tell who’s taken and who’s not and I don’t want to look a fool. I could have gone home, but I was just barely keeping my grip on the hope that at some point, the fun would start.

Back at the apartment, we played spin bottle and kiss, and then spin the bottle and ask the person a question (and answer it yourself). I finished the other girl’s beer that she had only sipped on – the beer got me way more drunk than anything I got at the club. This morning, I realize that I was bound and determined to get a hangover but whatever means possible. I might have succeeded. Ow… Finally, ended up sleeping alone when everyone else got to share a mat or a sleeping bag or whatever… and I don’t know if I’ve said this before, or how many times, but I fucking hate sleeping alone. I’ll sleep in a bed with a boy before I sleep alone. For real.

I think I’m grumpy because Erin is the only person I’ve been with lately, and last time we were together, I didn’t get my turn, and then she kicked me out of bed at the ass crack of dawn… I’m still trying to fend off Marian, and I am –still– getting craigslist emails from femmey girls.

Also: trip to see mom is back on. I’m leaving saturday and coming back thursday, and I got everything approved to be outta work, -and- my brother is coming with me! We’re driving since it’s totally ridiculously expensive to fly to mountainous regions.

It’s time for coffee and lots, lots of water.


4 thoughts on “another foul mood

  1. Some days are just bad, no matter what you do to try and change it.

    I am so happy that you’re going to see your mother. Good for you!

  2. that part where you say you will will sleep in a bed with a boy before sleeping alone had me laughing…nice to see you havent lost your sense of humor at least…chin up!…


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