think before you speak

Discovered at Awakenings:

I’m sorry, do you understand why. WHY there is more suicide, disease, depression?

Because of you.

I should be surprised. I should be completely appalled, caught off guard. But I’m not. Because this is the type of shit I have allowed myself to absorb for years. Fall of ’08 is going to be 10 years since I came out to myself – since I truly recognized my romantic affection for female people. But. This month is only the first year mark of actually starting to come out. A lot of people don’t know, still. Tons. But I’m telling them easily, quietly, one by one, that I deserve their respect regardless of who or what I am. Jesus never said one fucking word about homosexuality, because that wasn’t the point, or if he did, the writers of the bible didn’t consider it important enough to include. The point was purity of intention, purity of heart. Jesus emphasized humility (serving others, having a right self-concept, being a vessel of peace – humility does not equal self loathing). He stressed the importance of loving others, giving of what you have, and being helpful. He wanted us to care for the needy, to spend our money wisely, and to live in peace with others. Sexuality was never the point. Never.

But no. This is normal Christian rhetoric. It’s not the truth, but it is displayed as truth. And out of fear, people believe it. For fear of punishment people learn to believe lies.

What lies are you believing? Has someone lied to you about your body? Do you downplay your talents and highlight your faults? Has anyone told you that you’re worthless?

As a rule, I don’t give readers homework. But will you take some time to ask yourself what lies you are believing about yourself? Get rid of them. Chuck them like old soles. This type of thing is in my top-ten list of things I hate the most. Malicious lies like that might be #1, and misunderstandings is probably #2.


3 thoughts on “think before you speak

  1. Hearing shit like that just makes me so angry – that people can genuinely believe such horrid and nasty things, and be so unwilling to let people live and love as they choose. Gah.

    xx Dee

  2. Man, that shit is unbelievable. Makes it *so much more complicated* to come out, to love, to move forward in healthy relationships. I mean, I know these people are out there, but … somehow they’re just figments. Even hearing her say these things, I think, really? Nah, you’re just kidding, you don’t really think that. I’m naive, I guess. Too much of a big hippie heart.

  3. yeah, i’m with you on this, miss. a. i always think i really ought to be more appalled when i hear this stuff, but it’s nothing i haven’t heard before, so i’m kind of used to brushing it off. which i wish i didn’t, but at the same time, it’s good – self-preserving, given the homework at the bottom.

    funny enough, the part that always pisses me off most in this sort of thing is this “gay lifestyle” crap.

    anyhow, have you read “what the bible really says about homosexuality” (dy daniel helmeniak, or similar)? it’s really interesting…though i’m not sure that it’s any real help against this sort of thing; i don’t actually think information changes many minds.

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