vacationing in the smokies

I guess I should also give a personal post. I have been in North Carolina visiting mum. The drive up with my brother, Mel, was uneventful. It was long, we stopped a lot, and we drove overnight. Somehow by the time it was my turn to drive I had been awake for 24 hours, so he took over after about an hour and I slept some more. We found mom in pretty good shape. I made a big pot of soup yesterday and I was supposed to cook again today, but instead, I went shopping and escaped the monotony of being couped up in the house with family. Went to the yarn shoppe and the fudge shoppe, the general store is next. I wanted to grab some local pottery, but the pottery store was closed. Winter hours are significantly reduced as the tourism in the area dies down a lot. I got about a week’s worth of homework done, however I’m going to have to scrap the rest, since it’s only 5 percent of my overall grade. My class participation and my paper are significantly more important. The rough draft for my paper (for which I have not even drafted a final thesis) is due on Tuesday.

I don’t know how I’m going to get any homework done when I have two possible dates this weekend. One is with a person named Trey. I can’t decide from our emails whether Trey is butch or trans, so I’ve resolved to find out at our visit to the coffee shop saturday night. I reposted my CL ad describing a kinky femme bottom and Trey’s response was the third one. The first two were kinda tomboyish, but more toward the centre of the butch/femme scale. I passed up their offers because I felt like I might be a bit more aggressive than they would be – with me, that does not fly. I’m a live wire and I need someone who can match my wit and my attitude. Trey actually just graduated with an independent studies degree from my university last semester… In our e-mail conversations, I allowed try to request of me any desired attire, and I have 3 homework assignments, which I’ll be sure to answer during my trip to the internet cafe tomorrow:

On Saturday, be prepared to explain to me the following:
1) why, do you believe, you have chosen to be submissive?
2) do your submissive desires conflict with your feminist views and values?
3) what do you expect of a dominant?

I met another stinkin’ pot smoker too. She seems kinda nice. Dana. But I still don’t think we’re going to get a long. She works in a sandwich shop and is almost through with school. She’s a cancer, which is my no-no sign, once again. (Speaking of canceres, Sandi, the trucker, finally got a real live girlfriend! Saved by an unfortunate, unsuspecting femme!) We’ll probably end up friends more than anything…

Well. The drive home on Thursday is going to be interesting. I work 10 hours on Friday and then it’s time to hit the books. And possible a masculine top. Hmmhm.

Miss Avarice, considering the recent events in her life, could really stand to be truly, utterly topped. Honest to goodness, I’m ready to pillow queen for a stone top. Practice my bottoming skills and not have to worry about whether I’m a good top or not. I’ll be glad to feel irresistible again. Like a hot piece of ass.

Which I am, rest assured.


3 thoughts on “vacationing in the smokies

  1. dude, maybe I need to try a CL ad about that. do you post in the casual encounters or women for women? Can I see a copy of your ad? Because you are having waaaay more luck than I am.

    Mayhaps I’ll call you tonight 😛

  2. dude, maybe I need to try a CL ad about that. do you post in the casual encounters or women for women? Can I see a copy of your ad? Because you are having waaaay more luck than I am.

    Mayhaps I’ll call you tonight 😛

  3. Stupid pot smokers, eh? 😉 Aw well, Dana was probably unsure of how things would be with you also. It’s a good thing you’re finding out otherwise 😉

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