She gave me The Strep!

Family night when great except for the fact that I got a very sudden high fever Sunday afternoon. I decided not to fight it since I rarely get fevers. Dana took me to the walk in clinic near my house, where we discovered that you can carry strep throat and not have it! Dana’s roommate had it a couple of weeks ago but she never actually got it. Well, I got it which basically means I have had all day yesterday and all day today to be with her. I’m dropping another course – my senior project – because I haven’t even started my rough draft which is supposed to be due today. I e-mailed my professor and she seemed to concur that if I didn’t feel as if I would be able to perform to my standards, perhaps I should try for next Spring (it’s only offered in the Spring).

I’ve been taking my ibuprofen and tylenol with Codeine all day long, waiting for Dana to get home. She brought me to her apartment when I was feverish at 102 (after we went to the clinic) – she dropped off and picked up my prescriptions, bought me soup and gatorade, and fucked me good last night and this morning. Hah! The doctor’s orders were increased fluids and rest, and here I am spending fluids and definitely not resting! Ooopsies!

And tomorrow I have to pack, now that I don’t have that 15 page paper about Imperialism looming over my head! yey! Did someone say slacker?

6 thoughts on “She gave me The Strep!

  1. I’m so glad to see everything is working out with Dana. She seems like she’s treating you quite well! Sorry you’re a sicky though… enjoy the dotting while you can.

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